This is not a replacement for counseling or therapy, although it is an excellent supplement to counseling and therapy. 

If you are seeing a counselor or therapist weekly or monthly, this video course is an excellent resource to watch in between sessions. 

Anything that helps you understand how your emotions are created and how to manage them can only help you in every aspect of life. 

We would never suggest that you should not speak to or continue to see a counselor or therapist in person. 

More importantly, if you are feeling suicidal or feel that you may hurt yourself or others in some way, please call 911 or the suicide hotline number 1-800-273-8255

This is not a replacement for pharmaceutical medication. If you have been diagnosed or are considering medication you should consult your psychiatrist.

This is not a quick fix, but rather a bold and exciting new way of thinking. 

Life is going to happen to you. Pain in life isn’t optional, but emotional suffering is. It is going to take some time for you to change your thinking habits and your life momentum. This knowledge does not mean you will never feel anger, anxiety, guilt or depression again. It can help you manage and minimize the effect of the four blocks when they happen, but it is not a cure.

Each individual will respond differently to this new information. We cannot guarantee the speed of your results. Your results depends on how much you buy into this and how much you implement what you learn into your daily habits. 

When you go to the formulas, and do the steps, you can feel better from any negative emotion in moments. 

However, doing the steps that we teach you is up to you, we can’t make you feel better. We are like a fitness instructor, we can show you the moves, but you have to show up to work out.

Only you can retrain your brain. You may get better quickly, slowly, stay the same, or get worse. 

It is best to refer back to these videos many times. We recommend printing out the worksheets and posters, going through this course with a friend or family member, and continuing to re-visit the tools. The way you feel is about your thinking habits over time, stick with this for a long time, and your life may spiral upward. 

We will also be putting out new content as we make it, so be sure to check back for new stuff (we will email you if you select yes to receiving notifications from us).

These formulas aren’t math! They are as easy as learning your ABC’s. Not only is it not hard to learn these formulas, it’s much harder to try living your life without these formulas. 

Yes! We highly recommend using the four blocks during therapy, before therapy, after therapy, with your therapist. It’s all good!

The four blocks is for any age group. It is primarily for any individual who is struggling with anger issues, anxiety disorders, a guilt complex, and depression. It is also for anyone interested in studying psychology, REBT, RET, CBT, or anyone interested in knowing how to manage their emotions. 

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We are not therapy or counseling. 

We are not diagnosing or “curing” anger, anxiety, guilt, or depression.

You may get better quickly, slowly, stay the same, or event get worse.