What is the4blocks.com? 

If you or a loved one is suffering from anger issues, anxiety disorders, depression or guilt, this course is for you. If life is feeling hopeless, overwhelming, and if your mind is full of frustration and worry, this course is for you. 

What is the4blocks.com? 

It’s video training that teaches you how to control those 4 negative emotions, anger, anxiety, depression and guilt.

This is a masterclass on emotional intelligence. Dr. Parr gets right to the heart of what causes all of us to suffer. This course takes you to the root of the problem and gives you the tools to fix it. 

Why us? Because if you have been considering counseling or therapy, now you have another option.

This can even be a tremendous compliment to counseling and therapy. A resource that you can refer back to in between sessions with your therapist. 

If you’re considering pharmaceutical medication for anxiety or depression, you might want to try us first. Why? Because medications come with side effects, they come with dependency, they come with a monthly bill for $150, and they don’t work for everybody! 

In fact when you watch a commercial for those drugs, they all start the same: 

“While we don’t know what causes Depression, it might be a chemical imbalance in the brain, and our medication alters the chemicals in your brain.” 

Great, well what caused the chemical imbalance? It’s thinking. 

How can we expect their medication to work, when they admit that they don’t know what caused the depression to begin with? 

Well we do. It’s the formula of thinking that takes place in your head day in and day out, and we’re going to teach you how to fix it.

Master your mind, master your emotions. Get your life back on track.

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